OLIFANT for Caussa

Year: 2017

From first cave drawings in the stone age to stylised interpretations of the theme in our time, animal figures have been always part of our home environment. The Olifant is a sculptural exploration of finding a balance between realism and abstraction, in order to become an object that enriches the modern living room. Because of the destruction of the elephant’s natural habitat and the poaching for ivory, the survival of the African elephants species is in great dangers. Caussa wants to draw attention to this and therefore cooperates with the organisation SAVE AFRICA’S ELEPHANTS.
With every purchased Olifant a percentage of the revenue goes to this organisation, who helps fostering young orphaned elephants and returning them back into the wild.

Colors & Materials:

Wood: natural maple, black or red stained beech wood

Porcelain: ocean grey, dusty rose and white

Manufacturer : Caussa